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Welcome to our guides to Rome. Our editors work year-round to create Rome content based on their experiences, perspective and expertise. Our goal is to create a comprehensive resource base that will help and inform any traveller to Rome to uncover the best things to see, special things to do, advice on where to stay, and just about anything else that you may find helpful as you plan your trip to this very special city.

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Our most read guides to Rome

What is the best way to spend a week in Rome?

Your comprehensive guide to a week in Rome awaits – from iconic landmarks to hidden gems, savour the essence of this captivating destination.

Spanish Steps in Rome: A Must-See Italian Landmark

Climb the Spanish Steps in Rome for a journey through time and beauty, and uncover the secrets of this beloved Italian landmark.

Top 25 Must-Visit Sites for Sightseeing in Rome

Embark on a journey through the top 25 destinations for sightseeing in Rome. Experience the Eternal City’s timeless allure and vibrant culture.

The Trevi Fountain: Making Wishes Come True in Rome

Uncover the magic of The Trevi Fountain in the heart of Rome. Dive into its history, traditions, and the legends that make it a must-see attraction.

Rome Neighborhoods

Get a feel for the layout of Rome, the position of the most visited attractions, and the diverse areas of the city. Our Rome neighborhoods guides are designed to bring you our perspective on the unique personality of each of the main areas, with tips and suggestions on how to get the most of your visit to each neighborhood. From shopping to eating, nightlife to museums, we have something for everyone.

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Vatican City

Learn all about the fascinating Vatican City. The city within a city. We'll tell you how to get the most from a visit to this unique place, explain its key sights of religious and historic significance, and tell you how to skip the lines to get access to the most visited sights within the City.

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Rome Accommodation Guides

When planning a trip to Rome there are few things more important than where to stay. The choice of accommodation can make or break your trip. Don't leave it to chance. Browse our guides and be sure to find the right hotel, apartment, or home in the right area. Our Rome hotels and Rome apartments pages have 100s of great choices for you to choose from.

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Rome Food and Drink

After a place to stay, food and drink is sure to be close to the top of the list for most visitors to Rome. You're in for a treat as Rome has some of the very best dining options in the world. From Michelin starred restaurants to incredible street food, there really is something for every palate. Don't eat our before reading our guides to food and drink in Rome.

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Rome History and Culture

Rome is so much more than just the best known historical attractions. Let us take you on a tour of the rest of Rome, covering architecture, history, festivals, traditions, and cuisine.

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Rome Commonly Asked Questions

Still not found what you're looking for? Check out our many guides featuring answers to the most commonly asked questions about Rome. Need something we haven't covered? Just contact us and we'll do our best to help.