Rome Apartment Rentals: Must-Know Tips for Visitors

Are you looking for ways to save money on your short-term apartment rental in Rome? Here are a few tips.

Find a great apartment in Rome.

When it comes to apartments in Rome, it’s essential to understand the basics. Rome, one of Italy’s most densely populated cities, draws in over 5 million tourists from around the world annually. In the heart of the city, you’ll find skyscrapers and luxurious apartments boasting stunning views of iconic landmarks like the Colosseum.

The diversity of Rome’s apartment landscape mirrors the city’s multifaceted personality. Regardless of your unique preferences, you’re bound to find an apartment that perfectly suits your needs. To assist you in your quest for the ideal rental during your upcoming vacation or business trip, consider the following factors.

Factors to Consider When Looking for An Apartment in Rome
Finding the best apartment in Rome is often challenging for most visitors due to the many options available. Not anymore; here are the primary factors you should consider when looking for an apartment in Rome, Italy.

Rome is one of the most sprawling cities in Italy. No two neighborhoods are similar; they have unique characteristics. If you are on vacation and want to experience Roman culture and history first-hand, renting an apartment close to the attraction sites on your bucket list is recommended. For example, if you stay in Trastevere, you will have easy access to attraction sites such as the Janiculum Hill, Basilica of Santa Maria, and Ponte Sisto. This district is ideal for a romantic getaway due to its attractive sceneries and laid-back atmosphere. You can also visit the Testaccio district for traditional and modern Roman cuisine. There is no shortage of restaurants you can visit to enjoy traditional Romanian drinks and dishes, such as the Ciorba de fasole cu ciolan, which comprises a hearty bean soup served with tender smoked ham hock.

The cost of short-stay apartments varies depending on factors like neighbourhood, apartment size, included amenities, and the number of guests.

It may be obvious, but the time of year is also a critical factor with much higher prices in the peak Summer months between July and September.

For instance, the average cost for one person in a normal apartment in Trastevere is €89 per night. While some of the luxurious apartments charge up to €300 per night. If visiting as a group, consider a double-occupancy apartment, averaging around €117 per night.

Rome has an efficient public transport system, which includes electric trains, buses, and trams. You can use any of them to visit the different attraction sites or hire a taxi for between €6 and €8 per ride. This is helpful as it means you can rent your apartment in any area of the City and still be be easily within reach of the major Rome attractions.

Layout and Size
Consider the amount of space you need. A larger apartment (900 square feet or more) is ideal for visiting as a group or with your family. Otherwise, if you intend to travel alone, you can rent a studio apartment for the duration you will be in Rome to save money.

Create a checklist of the amenities you will require and use it as a blueprint as you compare the apartments. For example, if you plan to visit Rome during summer, ensure the apartment has air conditioning as temperatures often reach up to 31 degrees celsius in the afternoons. Some of the amenities that you can expect to find in the best apartments for rent in Rome include: High-speed WiFi, 24/7 emergency on-call number, Washing machine, Kitchen appliances (microwave, pots and pans, utensils, plates, refrigerator), Starter kit with towels and linen, TV, Hot tub, and more.

The reputation of a short-stay or vocational apartment in Rome will give you an idea of the quality of accommodation services offered. Check out the reviews posted by other visitors on websites such as and Airbnb before booking to get value for money. Avoid apartments with a negative reputation. If you have any special requirements, please seek clarification before booking to avoid inconveniences.

Rome is an international tourist destination that receives visitors year-round. As a result, expect to pay more per night if you visit during the peak seasons, such as Christmas and New Year. Most apartments are discounted during the low season, which lasts throughout the winter (from December 21st to March 21st).

Types of Rome Apartments you can choose from

As mentioned earlier, Rome has a diverse short-stay apartment housing landscape. You can easily find a modern apartment for rent in Rome’s city center and the suburbs. Here are two main types of apartments in Rome that you can stay in during your vacation or business trip.

Luxury Apartments for Rent in Rome
Luxury apartments are more expensive than studio and one-bedroom apartments as they are located in high-end districts such as Piazza, Pantheon, and Navona. They are fitted with premium amenities such as designer couches modern kitchen appliances, and offer concierge services.

The price starts at €250 per night. During the peak season, some apartments charge up to €600 per night per person, but the many amenities and luxury they offer make them worth the cost. Most of these apartments are in neighborhoods near the city center, such as Parioli, Centro Storico, and Aventine Hill. They are located near the top-rated Rome restaurants and shopping areas. You will also enjoy a clear view of the city, sunset, and sunrise from the balconies or rooftops.

The most credible websites you can use to find accurate information about luxury apartments in Rome are;, Airbnb, Trivago, Romewise, Expedia, See our links at the end of the article.

Historic District Apartment Rentals in Rome

Renting an apartment in the Trastevere and Monti neighborhoods is one of the best ways to experience Rome’s history and culture. The two are considered the main historic districts in Rome.

Trastevere District Apartments
Trastevere differs from neighboring districts due to its historic structures and winding cobblestone lanes. The alleys are lined with tiny trattorias, charming piazzas, and artisan workshops that offer a taste of the customs and culture of the ancient Romans. For those who enjoy shopping, Trastevere is heaven. See our list of Rome’s top shopping spots. The Piazza Santa Maria, one of Rome’s oldest churches, is one of the district’s historic sites. The price of the Trastevere apartments varies depending on the dates selected, size, and location. For example, this Deluxe apartment charges a deposit of €50 per stay per accommodation. To plan accordingly, check all the terms and conditions, such as late check-in charges and mandatory fees such as property tax.

Monti District Apartments
Monti District is ideal if you love history and want to experience Roman culture and traditions first-hand. Some of the apartments here charge more than €350 per night. The Mandelin-style restaurants here serve both modern and traditional Roman dishes. There are also shopping malls, such as Palazzo delle Esposizioni and the famous Black Market Art Gallery.

Studio Apartments in Rome
Studio apartments have been around for a while and are the perfect alternative to conventional one-bedroom apartments. Their compact design and layout explain their low prices in places like Ripa, Monti, and Cipro. Usually, the apartment has an open-floor layout that combines the sleeping area, a bathroom, a living area, and a kitchen. Expect to pay anywhere between €70 and €150 per night per person. Note the price depends on the amenities provided and location.

One-Bedroom Apartments in Rome
As the name suggests, these apartments have a separate bedroom, living room, bathroom, and furnished kitchen. The average cost of staying in for the night ranges between €100 and €150. The more amenities it has, the higher the cost.

Budget Apartments in Rome
Prati is one of the areas you can easily find a budget apartment. There are many choices, and you can get good value for money even though you won’t be in the classic or popular part of the city. They are often smaller and have an older design. Some charge as low as €50 per night, making them ideal for travelers on a tight budget.

As you compare the prices and what different types of apartments offer, remember to inquire about the extra fees charged. For example, some apartments charge early check-in and late check-out fees and a security deposit. The rental agreement usually explains these costs, so read it before signing.

Best locations for Family-Friendly Apartments in Rome
If you are looking for a family holiday destination, Rome is the ideal location. The number of bedrooms, facilities, security, entertainment, and closeness to tourist attractions, retail areas, and dining establishments are some factors you should consider when searching for an apartment in Rome.

Most of Rome’s top-rated, family-friendly apartments are in Prati, Parioli, and Balduina. They are known for not only being specious but also for state-of-the-art amenities such as hot tubs and round-the-clock surveillance cameras.

Suburban neighborhoods such as Testaccio, Ostiense, Pigneto, Esquilino, and Trieste have a relaxed atmosphere and offer easy access to the public transport system. While most apartments in central Rome cost €250 per night, you can get a better bargain if you rent around Termini station. Other nearby areas, such as Esquilino, charge approximately €90 per night.

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FAQ – Rental Apartments in Rome
Which Can I Find Cheap Apartments in Rome?
Testaccio and Trastevere are the most affordable neighborhoods in Rome. Even though apartments in the two districts are cheap, they still provide easy access to many social amenities.

Which Are the Cheapest Months in Rome?
The cheapest months in Rome are September, October, November, January, and February. During this period, you can enjoy low entry fees to historic sites and fewer crowds. Accommodation apartments are also lowly priced during this time of the year.

What is Overnight Accommodation Tax?
A new law passed in 2010 and took effect on September 1st, 2014, requires all guests staying in overnight accommodation in Rome to pay an overnight accommodation tax of €3.50 for the first ten nights. Children under the age of 10 are exempted from this tax.

Rome stands out as an exceptional destination for both family vacations and romantic getaways. With countless apartments available for booking, consider location, cost, size, and amenities to ensure your choice aligns with your preferences and needs. Explore the rich tapestry of Rome’s neighbourhoods, savour its culinary delights, and immerse yourself in the city’s history and culture while experiencing the comfort and convenience of your chosen apartment. Rome truly offers a taste of la dolce vita like no other.

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There are dozens of great sites you can use to book your short-stay apartment in Rome. Here are some that we would recommend;


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