What’s this you say? Guaranteed ways to save on hotel stays in Rome? Well, yes. It’s as it says. I’ve been a seasoned traveller for as long as I can remember. I’ve also been a passionate and enthusiastic web creator, user, researcher for at least as long. I’m also Scottish, and if you know anything about Scots, you’ll know we like a bargain. We’re also known to wear kilts and drink whisky but I’ll leave those passions to others and get right back to the point.

I’ve visited Rome several times, doing the usual tourist route covering the amazing Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and much more. See another article if you’d like to know more about each of these amazing Rome attractions. What we want to discuss here is how to save on Rome hotels and accommodation. Firstly, like many European cities, hotel rates can vary dramatically by season. Rome is very busy in summer so plan ahead, and be prepared to pay 30%-60% more than in the off season. Rome can also be very hot in the summer months, so pack the sun hat, sun lotion, and stay hydrated. Yeah, yeah, we know all that. Just tell us me how to save more on Rome hotels. Sure, sure dear reader. Here is how I do it.

Tip 1 – Use a hotel comparison site or app
This is nearly always my start point. My meta search engine of choice [simply means a site where you can compare multiple offers] is Trivago. Trivago has many regional variations but you can start with Trivago.com [or the Trivago app] if you are on mobile. Just search for Rome and you’ll see a comprehensive list of Rome hotels along with a comparison of where to book that hotel for the best price. Trivago, and other meta comparison sites, such as HotelsCombined.com, and Kayak.com, work in much the same way. They crawl a variety of travel sites, capturing up-to-date rate and availability information, then tell you where to book for the best rate. Even when the large travel sites claim to always offer the best possible rate, you will often find Trivago digs up a better deal.

Trivago showing search results for Rome Hotels

Trivago includes a rating system that helps you filter hotels that may or may not be acceptable. With so many Rome hotels to choose from I tend to ignore anything below an 80% approval rating.

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