What to See and Do in Rome in only 24 Hours?

Are you visiting Rome on holiday and want to know how to spend the next 24 hours? While Rome is a big city, the historical centre is quite small and easy to walk. Here’s a very quick guide to what...

Are you visiting Rome on holiday and want to know how to spend the next 24 hours? While Rome is a big city, the historical centre is quite small and easy to walk. Here’s a very quick guide to what you can see and do in just 24 hours.

Start with an early breakfast then make your way to the famous Vatican City. Depending on where you are staying in Rome, it may be a walk, but if you prefer take the metro. There is a stop just outside the Vatican at Ottaviano-S. Pietro. Line A of the Metro runs through with trains every few minutes. It’s a 5 minute walk from the Metro to both St Peter’s Square and the Vatican Museums. Once inside the museum immerse yourself in the spectacular collection featuring some of the most famous sculptures and valuable masterpieces from the renaissance. Remember the Vatican has a strict dress code, so make sure you cover up your shoulders and knees.

Key highlights of a 3-hour museum visit

  • Exclusive access to the museum through the Official Vatican Partner entrance.
  • A view of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican and the Papal collections.
  • A look at the famous gallery of maps.
  • Access to St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Optional guided explanations on the stories behind the art.

After all this museum time you may be feeling hungry. Instead of popping in to the nearest restaurant why not join one of the cities fantastic cooking classes! From 1pm to 2pm you can join a pizza making class right in the hear of the city. Your chef will show you the most authentic way to prepare traditional Roman pizza. You will learn the process from start to finish using fresh ingredients. Once you’ve finished with that they will show you how to make the delicious tiramisù dessert.

Once you’ve satisfied your hunger you might be the type to enjoy a little shopping. Take a stroll along the shopping centre Galleria Alberto Sordi, close to the La Rinascente. Here you will find some beautiful stores, representing some of the world’s leading brands.

No visit to Rome, no matter how short, would be complete without a visit to the Colosseum. Step back to the days of the Roman Empire on a one-hour skip-the-line tour. Known as the largest amphitheatre in the world, the Colosseum is a beautiful sight, that will take you back in time to the period of the Roman Republic. Begin your tour from the underground level, usually opened to a limited number of visitors per day. Take a walk through a maze of chambers for a close-up view of the places where fierce animals were caged. Your tour guides will share stories about the gruesome gladiator battles. From the underground level,take a walk up to the arena level. Your guide will show you an area where battles were fought. After the trip to the arena, take a turn to the Roman Forum, where your tour guide will talk about the story behind the ruins that once made up the city’s political and commercial heart.

Some of the structures that are likely to catch your attention include the Arch of Titus and the Senate. If you enjoyed the Colosseum and its marvels, then it would not be a bad idea to walk up Palatine Hill, one of the Seven Hills of Rome. Walk through the pine trees and enjoy more of the sights of ancient Rome. This is an area that was once the home of Rome’s wealthiest citizens.

After Palatine Hill, you may well be hungry again! Just as well Rome offers some of the best classic Italian dishes to be found in all of Italy. Stroll past the Roman forum into a vibrant neighborhood chock full of lively bars and restaurants.

That’s our suggestion for a quick stop in Rome. Of course, there is much more to see and do in Rome. Check our our Rome Tours for some great ideas.

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