Before we begin, we have to be honest and tell you that Rome and cars are not a match made in heaven. If you are heading to Rome on a leisure break with sightseeing in mind, we strongly suggest not renting a car. Rome is best seen on foot, or by the use of readily available public transport. The city is relatively compact so most of the key visitor attractions on your list can easily be covered on foot. The disclaimer out of the way, we completely understand that having a car is sometimes a necessity. That may be because your visit to Rome is one stop on a wider tour of Italy. It may also be the easiest way to get you, your family, and your luggage from point A to point B.

So, if you’ve got this far, it’s because you need to hire a car in Rome and you want the best possible deal on Rome car hire. Great. Let’s talk about how to do it. Very much like hotel booking car rental is covered online by a small number of dominant brands, and an endless long tail of smaller suppliers. If you’re researching online the chances are that you’re going to end up with one of the larger players. That’s generally a good thing. The bigger players typically offer the best deals [though not always], as they have economy of scale on their side. They also can’t afford to offer shoddy service as bad news travels fast and can hurt the bottom line very quickly. If you’re in a hurry to book, you can go direct to the web site of your favourite rental company. That may well be one of Alamo, AvisHertz, Sixt, Budget Rent-A-Car, or Europcar. You know the people, they are usually clustered together at the same place in the airport arrivals hall. One of the differences between hotel booking and car rental is that you can often find creative ways to save on car rental by playing around with a combination of loyalty codes and discount codes.  The specifics of this are beyond the scope of this article but you’ll easily find discount codes simply by searching Google for phrases such as “hertz discount codes”. Often these can save you up to 20%. well worth spending a few extra minutes to find a valid code.

How else can I save money on Rome car rental?

The car rental comparison engines
This is probably your best bet if you want to get the very best deals on Rome car rental, or car rental just about anywhere else for that matter. Be warned, if you’re the type that will obsessively look for the very best deal no matter how long it takes, you could find yourself addicted to trying to save a few Euros. It entirely depends on how much time you have but consider whether or not your time may be better spent doing something more valuable. Caveat out of the way, here are our top car rental comparison engines. nearly all of these will also have mobile apps, so if you are on the move, or you need to make last minute bookings it’s a good idea to install the apps before you travel. Downloading apps on a mobile data connection is never likely to be a good idea unless you have unlimited data, so save yourself a nasty surprise and install any apps you may need before you travel. – one of the original car rental comparison sites. These guys have been around for a long time and have created a great site which is easy to use and linked to nearly all the main players in the market. It does what it says on the tin.



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